Long Island Commission for Aquifer Protection

2040 Water Resources & Infastructure Subcommittee

2040 Water Resources and Infrastructure Subcommittee (2040 WRIS)

“LICAP shall establish two standing committees, the 2040 Water Resources and Infrastructure Subcommittee (2040 WRIS) and the Water Resource Opportunities Subcommittee (WROS). The WRIS shall develop a 2040 WRIS Plan to identify long term risks to the water supply industry created by global climate change.”

In addition to risks, the 2040 WRIS will also investigate ways that public water suppliers and other agencies involved in water supply  in Nassau and Suffolk Counties can address these risks by a combination of infrastructure and facilities management, regulatory changes, and  alterations in consumer water usage.

The 2040 WRIS will identify three major criteria in its investigations. First, it will identify the specific environmental changes that are likely to occur, including sea level rise and the resulting changes to the aquifer system (i.e. salt water/freshwater interface and overall water availability), and projected alterations in weather patterns and resulting effects on  both aquifer recharge and consumer demand. Second, it will determine what water facility management responses will be needed to address the above environmental changes, such as long distance transmission of water, changes in well locations, and monitoring data requirements. Finally, it will determine what consumer behavioral changes and regulatory requirements are necessary to achieve the responses mentioned above.

The findings of the 2040 WRIS will be incorporated into the Groundwater Resources Management Plan that LICAP will issue in 2017.