Long Island Commission for Aquifer Protection


Legislative Sponsors

Hon. William Spencer

Suffolk County Legislator, 18th District

Nassau County Legislature



Stan Carey


Nassau-Suffolk Water Commissioners Association

Jeffrey Szabo


Suffolk County Water Authority

Frank Koch

Long Island Water Conference

Walter Dawydiak

Suffolk County Commissioner of Health

Don Irwin

Nassau County Commissioner of Health

Dorian Dale

Suffolk County Executive

Brian Schneider

Nassau County Executive

Chris Ostuni

Nassau County Legislature Presiding Officer

Michael White

Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer


Honorable Kevin J. McCaffrey

Suffolk County Legislature Minority Leader

Sarah Meyland

Nassau County Legislature Minority Leader

Jared Hershkowitz

Suffolk County Legislature Presiding Officer

Gilbert Anderson, P.E.

Suffolk County Commissioner of Public Works

Brian Schneider

Nassau County Commissioner of Public Works 

Nick Gibbons

Suffolk County Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Conservation 


Michael Comerford

Nassau County Commissioner of Parks

Dorian Dale

Suffolk County Department of Economic Development and Planning 

Satish Sood

Nassau County Planning Commission

Paul TeNyenhuis

Suffolk County Soil and Water Conservation District

Ajay Shah

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Stephen Terracciano

U.S. Geological Survey

Long Island Program Office 

Henry Bokuniewicz

LIGRI (Long Island Groundwater Research Institute)

SUNY Stony Brook: School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences