Long Island Commission for Aquifer Protection

Tasks & Goals of LICAP

LICAP will meet quaterly or more frequently as agreed upon, hold meetings open to the public and conduct one annual public hearing in each county.  


LICAP will also create a State of the Aquifer Report and a Groundwater Resources Management Plan.



State of the Aquifer Report will be issued in 2015, which is within 1 year of LICAP's first meeting. It will be updated annually. The report will include aquifer use history, groundwater principles and current environmental, quality and quantity conditions.


The Groundwater Resources Management Plan will be issued in 2017, which is within 3 years of LICAP's first meeting. The plan will include qualitative and quantitative groundwater data, anthropogenic threats to groundwater quality and quantity and existing regulatory groundwater management regimes. It will also assess the adequacy of existing groundwater management regulations. The Groundwater Resources Management Plan will also include management opportunities, development of and methods for implementing recommendations and proposed regulatory amendments as well as an implementation program including stakeholders roles and responsibilities prioritization of action schedule and costs.